Vert Shock Review 2020 – Shocking Secret Exposed!

Vert Shock Program

The Truth about the Vert Shock Program – Does it Really Work?

I recently came across the Vert Shock training program, while doing some research on athletes and peak performance.  Vert Shock is a new vertical jump training program by Adam Folker, designed to increase your vertical leap by 9-15 inches (big claims!).  

So far the sales of the program have been massive! 

So are the claims true and does it really work?  

Will this program have you jumping higher and dunking a basketball like an NBA star?

Check out this Vert Shock review and find out what it’s all about – and importantly if it’s going to work for you.

What Is Vert Shock?

I am always amazed how many people are tricked into training programs that are completely wrong for them.  For most boys the aim is to simply gain muscle – who doesn’t want that well-muscled look on the field, court or down the beach right?

But not all training programs work the same way.  If you are a sprinter you should not be training the same as a power-lifter!

Basketball Dunk

And yet, what do many people do to try and gain more vertical jump height?  They do squats!  The interesting thing is that this is building a type of muscle fibre, and muscle memory, that is best suited for strength (shifting weight), not launching you off the ground.

The Vert Shock program is designed specifically build the right type of muscle fibres, that will dramatically improve your vertical jump. So if you are into basketball, and need extra ’spring’ to crush the basket and slam dunk the ball, then this program is designed for you.

The interesting thing is the techniques that are taught here could be used for any athlete that is looking for that additional explosive power.

Who Created the Program?

The Vert Shock program was created by two basketball pros, Adam Folker and Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington.

Adam Folker

Adam is the main creator of the program.  Originally from Canada, he was ranked in the top 5 high school basketball players.  He went on to play division-1 in the NCAA for UC Irvine and now plays professionally around the world.

Adam Folker with Kobe Bryant

Even though he was considered ’tall’ even when he was still young, he struggled to get the height in his jump.  It was even difficult for him to dunk the ball, and so found himself often on the bench early in his career.  He even says his highlights were the half time warm-up!

After trying all the training techniques available to him, nothing was really making a difference.  So it wasn’t until he discovered the “shock” training method that things started to change.  

And that became the basis of the Vert Shock program.

Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington

If you know your basketball then you will probably know of Justin Darlington – or ‘Jus Fly’.

Jus Fly is the world’s greatest basketball dunker.

It is said that Justin has a 53 inch vertical leap, which has taken him all over the world winning dunking competitions.  He has taken out the Nike Dunk Contest, giving him the status of world’s best dunker.

So Justin knows a thing or tow about jumping, maximum vertical height and dinking techniques.
Having someone like Justin as a mentor in the Vert Shock program is amazing value!

The Science Behind the VertShock Program

Now I know you didn’t come here for a science lesson!  Most guys just want to know how to score that dunk, not the reason why they can do it.

But I wanted to include this to show you that there is a real science behind what Adam has created.

The Vert Shock program is based on the scientific ’stretch-shortening cycle’ (SSC) research. This research shows the link between the active stretch of a muscle followed by the immediate shortening contraction of the same muscle.  Used the right way it can amplify power in short explosive moves – like jumping.

The actual science dates back to Yuri Verkhoshansky, who developed it in the late 1960’s.  He started using the term “shock method” around his training that he was commissioned to develop for the Russian Olympic team.  This is where the “Vert” and “Shock” names came from for the Vert Shock program.

It was then Fred Wilt, a former US Olympian, who noticed how the Russian teams were training, and coined the term Plyometrics.  Plyometrics includes explosive exercises to activate the quick response and elastic properties of the major muscles.

The Vert Shock program has taken the training science, techniques and lessons and created a simple to follow and implement program.

Why Is this So Important?

Nearly all major sports requires the use of fast-twitch, elastic muscle fibres.  In most professional sports there is a vertical jump test as part of its grading program.  Those that have a higher vertical jump are ranked higher in the programs.   

It should be really clear that these are the guys and girls that are more likely to make the teams.  Even more importantly they get game-time!

Perhaps you are even chasing a scholarship.  You know that you need to be not only at your best, but have abilities that make you stand out.  Standard training programs simply aren’t going to cut it. You need an edge over the competition!

The 3 Phases of the Vert Shock Program

VertShock was designed as an eight week program and is broken into three phases.  This follows the science behind the program and is designed to give you maxim results.

Vert Shock Products

Phase 1:  Pre-Shock

This is the first phase of the program and lasts the first week.  It’s designed to get your body ready for the main portion of the program.  

Vert Shock Phase 1

It is basically a pre-training and pre-conditioning period, where your muscles and body are “woken-up” for what’s to come.  Given the training focuses on the ‘elastic’ portion of your muscles, there is a chance that they haven’t been truly switched on for some time.

The interesting thing is as we get older, the ’twitch’ or elastic muscle fibres are the ones that deteriorate first, as they are rarely used day-to-day.  So unless you are doing training and exercises that specifically attacks them, then it’s likely they need this warm-up period.

Although this is just a ‘warn-up’ phase, most people notice immediate gains – simply by having these muscle fibres switching back on.

Phase 2:  Shock phase

This is the phase where the real action and gains kick-in.  It is where the “shocking” of the muscles truly happens and your muscles are transformed.

Vert Shock Phase 2

The shock phase is designed to last 6 full weeks, and is the phase where your body is put constantly under pressure and tension.  This will be in ways that you’re not used to, and will wake-up and build elastic muscle fibres necessary for greater jumping power.  Your muscles will be stimulated and taught to behave completely differently.

The goal is to get your muscles firing and reacting super-fast.  The result will be lightening-quick reflexes, and massive short-burst power gains that launches you.

Be prepared as this phase requires the most dedication to get through.  You will be using your muscles in ways that they will not be used to and therefore will fatigue.  But it’s at this fatigue point, once pushed through that the gains really take off.

Phase 3:  Post Shock

Vert Shock Phase 3

Lastly, there is the post-shock phase, which is the last week of the program.

This week is complete designed to lock-in the gains, so that it becomes muscle memory.  That way you have your gains lock-in and on tap whenever you want to launch.

All major muscle development programs have what is know as a “tapering” period – to close-out the program, give your muscle a well-earned rest, and lock-in the gains.  

That is what Phase Three is for.

Results With VertShock

Vert Shock is a program simply designed to increase your vertical jump.  Unfortunately that is where people focus, and misunderstand all the additional benefits and results that you will achieve.

Just in basketball alone you can;

  • Own more rebounds
  • Score more points under the rim
  • Block more shots

Given the basics of the program actually comes from track and field, there are other benefits as well;

  • Become faster on the court and able to outrun your competition
  • Develop core strength that stabilizes you and improves your stamina
  • Improve your flexibility and decrease your chances of injury

Just check out these testimonials as to what difference the program has made to these athletes.

Will Vert Shock Work for You?

Vert Shock is no ‘magic pill’.  It’s not something that should be taken likely, and you’re simply not going to get the results if you don’t get off your butt.

Justin Darlington

It is not meant to be a lazy short cut that takes away any hard work.

The work outs are still hard, and there are times where you will really need to push through and work your butt off!  This means you will be challenged both physically and mentally.

But, if you put in the time and follow through on the program, with all the instructions, then yes – there is no reason why it won’t work for you too!

What Do People Like About the Program?

  • No weightlifting or gym equipment required:  Everything is based on body weight and plyometric exercises.  So they can be done at home – leaving no room for excuses.
  • Super User Friendly: The design and layout of the program is really easy to follow.  You can also access it from any device, including mobile, so you can follow along with the program no matter where you are.
  • Quick to Show Results:  As mentioned above, it’s most likely that you will start seeing results right from week one!
  • Safe for Teenagers:  This program will not stunt your growth!  Again, given it is largely worked on body weight exercises, there is no heavy lifting or grinding out squats that may effect your longer term height.
  • Has a Money Back Guarantee:  It is always a very good sign when the owners of a program are willing to completely back the program results.  Not happy with the program – you can get all your money back!

What People Don’t Like As Much?

  • No Weigh Training Module:  Some people still like to do weights just to feel like they are achieving growth!  While it’s not necessary, Adam has decided to release a separate module covering weightlifting.
  • Not much background:  While the exercises are super well covered, and the detail of the training is excellent, there is little background info on the science of the program.  If you are interested in exactly why it works (like covered above) you will need to do your own research.
  • Probably best for the younger crowd:  If you are getting up there in years or haven’t trained at all in quite a while, then it might not be best to start with this program.  Given the shock factor on your muscles if they haven’t been in any training for a while, then you may have a higher risk of an injury.

Bonus Modules

Vert Shock Bonuses

Right now the guys are offering a number of bonuses when you sign-up to the program.  

There are too many to list them all, but here are the key ones;

  • The 4 Vertical Jump Killers:  How to identify and remove the 4 ‘jump killers’ that is sabotaging your jumping success.
  • The 5 Dirty Secrets to Jumping Higher:  5 quick and dirty hacks to give you an extra couple of inches on your jump.
  • Weekly Check-Ins:  The best program is worth nothing if you don’t follow it.  This weekly check-in system will keep you consistent and on track with your results,
  • The Jumper’s Diet Checklist:  How to remove foods that sap your body’s ’springiness’ and focus on the right foods.
  • NBA Jump Secrets Revealed:  Secrets revealed like how to increase your vertical jump by adjusting your approach speed!

Check this out for the complete list of bonus modules and training.

Free E-Book

Free E Book

This is something I stumbled over recently when doing this latest review of Vert Shock.  The guys have decided to provide a Free ebook covering some awesome techniques to increase you vertical jump.  So you can get started training straight away.

The free ebook lists four explosive hacks showing how you can add 4 inches to your jump.

Normally they have been charging at least $17 for a copy, but right now they are giving it away for free.

Grab a copy while it’s still available and free!


The Vert Shock program is a unique and solid training program for anyone who needs to increase their vertical jump.  It is absolutely one of the top vertical jump programs out there right now.

The fact that it is based on science, that has been used by olympic athletes simply adds to the high credibility.  

Then backed with the results of so many people who have used the program, and it is proving to be a real winner.  Those basketball players and athletes that have invested in the program now have a huge edge over their competition.

The Vert Shock program will help you become faster, stronger and it will give you a real shot at being able to smash down that dunk you’ve always wanted.

If you are serious about taking your basketball game to the next level, then absolutely have a look at the Vert Shock program.